How to Help

If you want to get involved in this movement, please get in touch with us. You can help our coalition bring change in a number of ways:

Help Get the Word Out!

  • Print our Paper Petition to the Legislature of B.C. and bring it around to your friends, family, and pet-friendly businesses in your community. Talk to the manager and ask them to keep it on their front counter. The B.C. Legislature only recognizes paper petitions, so this one is very important. We already have 10,000 signatures, but could use a lot more. Please take responsibility for them by checking in regularly, and sending us the signed petitions.
  • Circulate our Online Petition on all your social media accounts, and ask your friends directly through messages.
  • Follow our Facebook Page, share our posts, and participate with the online community.
  • Sign up to Volunteer.

Share your story with us!

  • We know that many of you are going through difficult challenges, whether eviction, surrender of a beloved family pet, or other extenuating circumstances related to “no pets” policies. Send us a message with a family photo through our Facebook page or

We are now accepting donations!

  • Although this is a volunteer-run organization, we have some hard costs. Donations can be made to the Animal Protection Party of Canada who are helping us cover the costs of organizing, creating leaflets, rentals for town halls, and more. With your donation you will be able to get a tax receipt. For more information about donating to the Animal Protection Party, please visit their website here.


Call AND email your MLA in British Columbia

  • Find them here: Let them know that “no pets” policies are a thing of the past. Ontario has prohibited no pets policies for over 27 years, and they’re doing just fine. Ask your MLA what they intend to do about this, and remind them that you will remember what they say on voting day.