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Hello [Mr./Ms. _______ ].

I want to let you know that I strongly support Pets OK BC’s petition, calling for an end to discriminatory ‘no pets’ policies, across BC. Your position on this matter will have a large impact on how I will vote in this election. I am registered in your riding, and I will be voting.

(insert a personal statement: we suggest writing down a few key points that are meaningful to you personally, and being sure to hit those points when you speak to your MLA and opposition candidate(s). Think about how your personal experience informs your opinions.)

I have read countless stories from people who have moved to BC from elsewhere in Canada and abroad, who were shocked to find how hard it is to find pet-friendly housing here. Many of them are leaving because of it. Locals are going homeless or giving up their companion animals, which many rely on for mental health, and the numbers are increasing each year, due to the affordability crisis.

It’s important to understand that we are asking for the RTA to be amended similar to Ontario, which has shown for the last 27 years that not only is pet-friendly housing mutually beneficial for tenants and property owners, codifying a hard stance against ‘no pets’ policies in the tenancy act is putting families first.

Thank you for your attention!