Pets OK BC has received a startling amount of press coverage since launching in February, 2017. We are calling on the provincial government to remove one of the largest barriers to housing: “no pets” policies.

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B.C. group wants government to prohibit landlords from banning pets in rental units

People looking for looser restrictions on pets in rental apartments brought their fight to the lawn of the B.C. Legislature on Sunday. They are trying to convince the B.C. government to bring in legislation that prohibits landlords from banning pets in rental units. Landlord B.C.

Victoria renters call on changes to no pet policies

Finding a place to rent in Victoria isn’t easy and for people trying to find a spot that takes pets it’s even tougher. Some pet owners are being forced to make a heart-wrenching choice and give up their pet to secure a home.

‘No pets allowed’: B.C. group rallies for legislative change for renters

Finding a home to rent in many parts of British Columbia can be tough at the best of times and, throw a pet into the mix, can become nearly impossible. Pets OK BC, a grassroots advocacy group, is trying to remove what it says are unfair restrictions on pet owners.

‘No pets, no way’: group rallies in Victoria calling for the end of pet restrictions in housing

WATCH: More than 10,000 people have signed a Pets OK BC petition calling for changes to the residential tenancy act. Isabelle Raghem reports. Dozens braved the rain and wind Sunday to rally with Pets OK BC on the legislative lawn.

CityNews – Tom Walsh


Tenants face stark choice: Give up pets or pay more

Esquimalt resident Rosemary Collins is frustrated with a choice that seems increasingly common: affordable housing or keeping her dog. At 70, Collins says her rent is eating up her retirement income, but she doesn’t want to surrender her seven-year-old Australian kelpie, Tipper, to move to a more affordable place.

Middays With Jody Vance – Eliot Galan (Oct 23, 2017)

Jody speaks with Eliot Galan of Pets OK BC about last Saturday’s rally, calling for an end to ‘no pets’ policy in rentals and stratas across BC.

Metro News – Wanyee Li

B.C. animal lovers call for end to rental discrimination against pet owners

Nearly 5 pets are surrendered to the BC SPCA every day due to lack of housing


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WATCH: 10,000 signatures gained to stop ‘no pets’ rental policy – Chemainus Valley Courier

Pets OK BC said about 1,700 animals were surrendered to the BC SPCA last year due to housing issues The rental crunch across B.C. is proving to be a barrier for many residents looking for adequate and affordable housing and it’s even worse for those with animals.

A dog sits on a trail in a rain jacket, looking into the distance

Petition for more pet friendly housing in BC – BCIT


Pets OK BC gets the ear of Housing Minister to change no pets rental policies

It is an issue that resonates with many people, and one grassroots advocacy group is leading the movement to make a big change. Pet Ok BC aims to change B.C. rental policies around pet ownership – which they say is often a huge obstacle for renters in finding a place to live in the provinces already tight housing market.

Pets OK BC to rally on Victoria’s Legislature lawn to end “no pets” rental policies

It’s no secret that finding a place to rent in Vancouver is a challenge. With a less than one per cent vacancy rate, and prices for units steadily increasing, the market is strongly skewed in favour of the city’s landlords. As a result, homeowners often place restrictions on prospective tenants and still receive multiple offers.

Petition to end “no pets” rentals and strata gets 10,000 signatures

A petition aimed at getting the new BC government to end explicit pet restrictions in housing across the province has now been signed by 10,000 people. Grassroots campaigners Pets OK BC want to stop people being outright barred from rentals, strata and mobile homes simply because they have companion animals.

Petition to end “no pets” rental restriction in BC reaches 10,000 signatures

Pets OK BC announced today that they have reached their goal of 10,000 signatures for their petition to change the no pets rental restrictions in B.C. Pets OK BC is a movement advocating for the abolition of unreasonable pet restrictions in rental housing across the province of B.C.

Petition to allow pets in BC suites gets over 10,000 signatures – NEWS 1130

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Finding a place to live in the Lower Mainland is hard enough, but having a pet makes the search all that much worse. However a group with a petition fighting for your furry friends is getting a lot of support.

CBC Vancouver


Housing advocates say 5 BC families a day give up their pets to find a home – Roundhouse Radio

Finding a place to live in Vancouver is hard enough, if you have a pet in your family, the search is nearly impossible. That was the sentiment from a rally held at Trout Lake’s dog park today put on by the advocacy group Pets OK BC who are speaking on behalf of those who can’t …

Making Change for Companion Animals: Pets OK BC on Rental Housing Policy, & Paws for Hope on the Harmful Existence of Breeding Mills

We start this show with a brief discussion about what’s at stake for animals in British Columbia’s general election on Tuesday, May 9th. We then cover two topics affecting companion animals, both locally & around the world: restrictions on companion animals in rental housing, and the harmful existence of breeding mills.

Petition asks BC parties to end “no pets” rentals and stratas

Pets OK BC has launched a formal petition ahead of the upcoming BC election, hoping to get the next government to end explicit pet restrictions in housing across the province. The grassroots group of activists want to stop people being outright barred from rentals, stratas and mobile homes simply because they have companion animals.

Low vacancy, strict policies causing pets to be surrendered: lobby group

The combination of pet restrictions and Victoria’s low vacancy rate means animals are being surrendered to the BC SPCA and a lobby group says it’s time to change that. Pets OK BC says pet owners are at a disadvantage if they live in the Capital Region because lack of housing means they may need to make a heartbreaking decision: lose their home or say goodbye to their four-legged friend.

Advocates aim to abolish no-pet policies in B.C. rental properties

VICTORIA – A public meeting in Victoria this weekend will bring together animal advocates, landlords and government officials to discuss the increasing shortage of rentals for pet owners. “The idea is to have an honest conversation,” said Jordan Reichert from Pets OK B.C., a community organization that wants the provincial government to repeal parts of the Residential Tenancy Act that allow blanket no-pet policies in residences.

Is it time to end no pet policies in BC rental housing?

Anyone who has searched the web for rental housing is familiar with the “no pets allowed” criteria. In most cases, when it comes to renting new or multi-room properties, no pets is a given. According to the BC Residental Tenancy Act and the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act, B.C.

Pet owners rally to change B.C. rental laws | Metro Vancouver

Animal advocates are launching a campaign to change B.C.’s renter laws that they say put pet owners at a disadvantage at a time when vacancy rates in cities are at one per cent or lower. Less than 10 per cent of rental listings in Vancouver are available to people with pets, said Eliot Galan, co-organizer of Pets OK BC.

Pet-friendly Housing Advocates to Eliminate “No Pets” Clauses – Victoria Animal News

BRITISH COLUMBIA – The BC SPCA has recorded an alarming 1774 pets surrendered in B.C. in 2016, due to lack of affordable, pet-friendly housing. A new advocacy group, Pets OK BC is trying to change all this with their new petition asking the provincial government to make “no pets” clauses invalid in the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA).

Petition calls for end to ‘no pets’ policies in rental housing

Victoria activists are calling for new provincial legislation to protect pet owners’ rights as tenants. Jordan Reichert and others with the Animal Protection Party of Canada have started a petition calling for clauses to be made invalid in rental agreements that prohibit pets.



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