Pets OK BC has received a startling amount of press coverage since launching in February, 2017. The time has come for the provincial government to remove one of the largest barriers to housing: ‘no pets’ policies. If you are interested in covering our campaign, please .

Press Coverage for Pets OK BC

Here are some of the top stories:

CBC News – view on Facebook

Pets OK BC on CBC News

CBC's coverage of our event at Trout Lake on May 7.

"It's very difficult for all sorts of people to find pet-friendly housing, whether they are renters or looking to buy a condo. 'No pets' policies are prevalent in our housing, because housing is treated as an investment commodity instead of a home. And so our position is that blanket 'no pets' policies must be removed," says Eliot Galan, co-organizer for Pets OK BC.

You can watch the full interview here:

Posted by Pets OK BC on Monday, May 8, 2017

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Some great articles on the subject from before our campaign began:

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